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Let the world fall in love with China-made zero kilometers of oil products through the 228.5 standard certification!

On March 20, 2019, Mercedes-Benz certified zero-kilometer Iron Man CJ-4 oil products through the 228.5 standard certification. This engine certification is in line with the long oil change cycle certification specification certificate number: RD/PDI-F-101658. This is another international authoritative certification of zero kilometer lubricating oil, which once again verifies the quality level of zero kilometer lubricating oil under high standard inspection environment.

Mercedes-Benz MB228.5 Standard Certification

Iron Man CJ-4 is suitable for diesel engines requiring high-grade import and export of CJ-4 (including CI-4+, CI-4, CH-4) or domestic heavy-duty, overload heavy cards, container cars, luxury buses, high-class cars, etc.

Helping Dakar Rally

Iron and Steel Man CJ-4 Fully Synthetic Diesel Oil is a fully synthesized global top-grade diesel oil new product, which basically covers the latest global norms.

This product is a high-performance product carefully prepared with synthetic base oil and advanced composite additives. It meets API:CJ-4 specifications of American Petroleum Institute and can cover API:CJ-4 specifications below. It is specially designed to provide excellent protection for high-power engines under extreme performance and harsh conditions.

Excellent viscosity stability, high efficiency shear stability, effective control of oil viscosity decline.

Excellent clean dispersion and long-term anti-oxidation stability, effectively control soot-induced wear and sludge.

Excellent anti-wear performance, reduce engine cylinder liner, bearing parts wear.

Outstanding low temperature startup and rubber compatibility.

Zero kilometer lubricating oil
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