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Guangzhou will introduce new energy subsidies car buyers

Media news, new energy vehicles in Guangzhou subsidies finally been put on the agenda, the public is expected to directly benefit the 2010 car. Prior to the national auto industry announced the restructuring and revitalization planning requirements should be introduced over the appropriate vehicle to promote new energy consumption to support the policy.

Subsidy reductions by saving rate and the fixed

Yesterday, people in financial sector, said to the newspaper, the Guangzhou Municipal Development and Reform Commission has drafted a "new energy vehicles in Guangzhou Development Action Programme" (hereinafter referred to as program), has been to various departments for comments, the final approval of the Guangzhou municipal government must, specific introduction of fixed date.

The comments said the program, tentatively scheduled for 2010 to 2015 in Guangzhou during the period, the purchase of the required new energy vehicles subsidies, subsidies for single units by the amount of specific energy Shuai and with emission reductions to determine, the default maximum grant amount. But the program is not the same time the proportion and amount of clear and specific.

Program also suggested that the exemption from tax, including exemption from vehicle traffic on city bridges votes in the vehicle purchase tax relief, based on vehicle use tax levied by half.

In addition, the program also encouraged the authorities, institutions and state-owned enterprises to purchase new energy vehicles, and to give priority in funding.

Charge on issues of public concern, the program pointed out that by 2010, in the exemplary construction of bus station charging facilities necessary for hybrid vehicles to facilitate the charge, since 2010 the new residential area and public car park with a certain amount of charging facilities.

Auto companies to accelerate R & D

Zeng Qinghong, general manager of Guangzhou Automobile Group said that with its own brand in 2010 to cut into the senior models, will also consider promoting the new energy product. The wind today announced the fastest and the Detroit Electric signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, joint R & D and promotion in China, selling used motor drive technology. Ren Yong, vice president of Dongfeng Nissan, said in 2011 to import electric cars from Nissan.

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